Kick-start your next product. Fast, affordable, and stress-free development

Turn your idea into the market-ready MVP in less than a month. With all you need to launch and run it.

Get that idea out of your head. Let us take it on

All included. Web application as your core product, landing page to drive sales, and SEO-ready blog to start getting organic traffic.

Complete infrastructure. Get seamless integration with payment gateways, user authentication systems, and email marketing platforms.

It actually works. We code using latest technologies to ensure blazing-fast performance, stability, and scalability.

Less is more. We guide you to define the core features of your MVP and keep it simple. Stop planning and start testing your idea with real users.

From idea to the real product. How we do it

Specifications. We discuss your idea and craft a detailed document outlining your future product. It serves as an agreement and guides us during the process.

Development. Watch your MVP come alive in real-time through a private Discord channel, with regular updates at every milestone.

Launch. We deploy the product on your server, onboard you, and show you the ropes, ensuring a smooth take-off.

Fixed price with no hidden costs


  • Web app, landing page, and blog.
  • Your design to code.
  • No design? We’ll build the UI with a beautiful component library.
  • Integrations: payments, API, databases, authentication, analytics, and newsletters.
  • Setup and deployment.
  • Onboarding to teach you how to handle your product.

About the founder. How Refined was born

Hello, my name is Constantin. I used to be a 9-5 full-stack developer, but my itch to build things led me to launch my own products. The first two were quite successful, generating both income and happy users. Amazing feeling.

Seeing others having great ideas and no chance to bring them to life, motivated me to start Refined. Our goal is to help you kick-start your product. You have an idea, we have coding skills.

The biggest MVP mistakes? Poor implementation or overengineering. Some products crumble under bugs and missing features, while others become bloated monsters, costly to launch and maintain.

Refined saves you from both. We build lean products with just the right features for smooth performance and user love.